UNISPEC GROUP (formerly known as United inspection Services Pte Ltd, and renamed so as to be in line with our worldwide offices) was formed in 1981 and formerly registered as Unispec Services (S) Pte Ltd in June 1982 with head office in Singapore and branch offices in West Malaysia, namely Pasir Gudang, Port Klang ,Johor and Penang. In 1994 Joint Venture Company was established in Indonesia.

Unispec Adjusters and Surveyors (S) Pte Ltd a subsidiary of Unispec Services (S) Pte Ltd was registered in June 1985 mainly to provide survey and inspection services to the Marine & Insurance sectors.

The concept was to provide efficient, reliable and personal service in the field of cargo inspection for commodity traders, manufacturers, shipping companies, insurance companies, buyers and sellers. As our reputation grew, so did our list of clients. Our inspectors travelled all around the Asia Pacific Region and even as far as Europe and The United States of America on behalf of our clients.

Unispec International Pte Ltd also a subsidiary of Unispec Services (S) Pte Ltd and Unispec Adjusters and Surveyors (S) Pte Ltd was registered in October 2008 to provide mainly Software Development to small/medium enterprises. Offshore Outsourcing is a strategic move and our intent is to build effective and mutually beneficial outsourcing partnerships with our clients


 The Goal of UNISPEC International is to leverage the client technology solutions and improve their business productivity.

The Group aims to build a series of world class, world scale businesses in select sectors. Anchored in Singapore and wedded to latest technology and strong ethics, the Group is building a multinational business which will achieve growth through excellence and innovation, while balancing the market trends and client relationship.


    UNISPEC International has extended its global footprint, just as it has enhanced its performance and competitiveness. One of the key drivers of this critical transition has been innovation.

The Group looks at innovation as a strategic approach to global growth and has adapted to the next generation. A number of initiatives have been launched to spread the message of innovation and recognize innovators.