Print visitor passes

The visitor management feature enables instant printing of visitor passes with all the relevant information, including: badge numbers, pictures and color coding. Unispec can also hold information about visitors who may need special provisions, such as disabled access.

Send invites and notifications

Unispec Meeting Room Booking Software automatically sends email invitations to all attendees added to a booking. It then notifies each attendee of any change in time or location of the meeting.

Integrate with building security

Unispec Meeting Room Booking Software can hold all your visitors’ details and produce a complete list of all visitors in the building at any given time. It can also integrate with an existing security system to show all visitors in the building and their exact location. This gives you more control over your building security.

Hosted visitor management

Unispec offers a hosted visitor management solution for multi-tenanted buildings and shared offices, including: electronic visitor registration, email alerts and badge printing. This gives reception teams, tenants and employees an easy way to manage visitors in advance of meetings and events.

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